Sales & Marketing Alignment

Cooperate to Achieve Your Business Goals…Faster

Far too often, sales and marketing just don’t see eye to eye … and both departments suffer for it. When marketing and sales work out of the same playbook, more deals get done, and marketing’s role is both more important and more obvious. Learn how to foster cooperation through alignment and shared process.

Intro to Sales & Marketing Cooperation


This nine part course is designed to help marketers, sales people, and executives build sales and marketing cooperation in their organization.

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Align Sales and Marketing to Increase Sales

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Make the customer experience visible, measurable, and shareable to both sales and marketing by using an integrated marketing platform.

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Best Practices for a Lead Management Strategy

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New customer acquisition is the lifeblood of many businesses, but it can be costly. Comprehensive lead management strategies have been developed to maximize lead value and bring order and efficiency to the top of the marketing funnel. Such strategies emphasize quality, precision, and the increased probability of conversion. When well-executed, lead management strategies can produce significant savings, reduce time spent in the funnel, and bring sales and marketing into closer concert.

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Introduction To Integrated Marketing: Sales and Marketing Alignment

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If sales and marketing can’t learn how to work together as a single team, speak the same language, and exchange information freely, then all the technology in the world won’t make a difference. The benefits of alignment are clear: Highly aligned organizations achieved an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth – while their less-aligned competitors saw a 7% decrease (Aberdeen).

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Sales and Marketing Alignment