List Management

Target Your Messages and Increase Engagement

There’s a lot to know about list management: getting clean data in and keeping it clean, syncing with CRM systems, segmenting lists by attributes, actions, and scoreable criteria, suppressing the right contacts, and aging well. Growing a responsive, dependable list is one of the most important, and rewarding, tasks in marketing. These resources are here to help you.

Best Practices in Segmentation

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You can improve your marketing by targeting your campaigns to segments, rather than blasting the same campaign out to all prospects. Learn how.

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Grow Your Email Marketing List

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Email still has the highest return on investment. Learn how to build a list that will deliver the ROI you want.

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Automated Programs


Act-On automated programs make it much easier to effectively move your leads along the buyer’s journey, from awareness to sales-readiness to purchase – and beyond. With Act-On, you can replicate your most successful campaigns quickly and easily. The result: personalized, customized, and targeted campaigns that are delivered to the right prospects at the right time. Automatically.

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Recorded Webinars

How to Execute a Successful Drip Email Campaign

i♥marketing – Nurture

i♥marketing – Nurture


Lead Scoring and Segmentation

Explore the world of lead scoring and behavioral segmentation with our Best Practices video and downloadable resources.

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