Lead Nurturing

Cultivate Relationships and Close Sales

Lead nurturing can be insanely productive, helping sales make quota and close bigger deals. Most of the leads you get aren’t ready for sales right away, but they’re going to buy from someone within 24 months. Nurturing helps you keep the relationship going and keep leads moving all the way through the buyer’s journey. Learn how to plan and build a nurturing program that really works.

Lead Nurturing Facts

  1. On average, 73% of all leads generated will not be qualified and ready for sales at time of initial conversion.
    [Marketing Survey B2B Benchmark Survey]
  2. Organizations w/tightly integrated marketing and sales teams devoted to demand gen close between 2 and 7x the number of deals than those w/out such teams.
    [Sirius Decisions]
  3. A/B testing has proved the most used/consistent method for improving conversion 2 years running.

Best Practices in Segmentation

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You can improve your marketing by targeting your campaigns to segments, rather than blasting the same campaign out to all prospects. Learn how.

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Best Practices Series: Setting Up a Lead Nurturing Program

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Easily 50 percent of the leads that your marketing team unearths are not yet sales-ready-but rather than dumping that half of those prospects in the rubbish bin, nurture them to increase your haul of sales-qualified leads. Building trust and fostering relationships with qualified prospects, regardless of their stage in the buyer’s journey, is a key element to surfacing quality leads that can be nurtured through the funnel.

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Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Lead Nurturing

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Up to 80% of ‘bad’ leads will buy from someone within 24 months. Learn how lead nurturing helps you win, and the 6 steps to getting it right.

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Lead Lifecycle Analytics: Essential Metrics for Perpetual Revenue Growth

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Top Performers tend to track progress as leads enter and advance through the marketing and sales funnel – and pay less attention to other metrics.

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Lead Nurturing 5 & 10

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Most of the leads you generate aren’t ready for sales.  Learn how to use lead nurturing to keep prospects interested and moving through the funnel.

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Evolution of Lead Nurturing


Online marketing makes it possible to use automated programs to do a better job of cultivating your leads. Automated programs are easy to set up, and allow you to replicate your best marketing campaigns, using fewer resources and less effort.

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Lead Nurturing Essentials

Learn about the lead marketing lifecycle, lead nurturing segmentation, automated email programs, and lead scoring. We will give you a blueprint for implementing lead nurturing programs that will deliver more leads and higher close ratios.

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