The Power of Visibility in a Single Platform

Are you spending too much time managing diverse marketing applications? Is your data separated into silos? Marketing automation ties all your tools together: Email marketing, CRM, social publishing, website visitor tracking, SEO and more. Integrating your tools saves time and effort, plus it consolidates data so you can see a prospect’s complete activity history at a glance. Learn the best practices of integration, and how to optimize it for your organization.

Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Building a Holistic Marketing Strategy

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Learn how to integrate email, social, events, web content, analytics and more into an integrated marketing machine that’s more than the sum of its parts.

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Amplify Your Sales and Marketing with Act-On’s Integration

datasheet and Act-On work together to streamline your email campaigns, enable nurturing programs to targeted list segments, and identify important website visitors.

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CRM Integration Kit Datasheet


Act-On software integrates out of the box with several CRM systems. If yours isn’t yet supported, the Act-On CRM integration kit is the way to put key Act-On functionality front and center in your CRM.

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Integrate Act-On with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Deliver More Sales-Ready Leads


Act-On’s seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics makes it easier for marketing to deliver highly qualified leads to the sales team.

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Integrate Act-On with Sugar and Close the Loop on Qualified Leads


Act-On integrates with leads, contacts, reports and campaigns in your Sugar CRM account, pulling the data you want – and need – with ease.

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NetSuite CRM+ and Act-On Integrate Seamlessly


NetSuite CRM+ and Act-On integrate seamlessly, making the lead handoff crisp and giving your marketing and sales teams real-time intelligence.

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Run Your WebEx Events Right From Your Act-On Dashboard


Plan your webinar sessions, build your creative elements, set the timing and then sit back. Act-On takes over, communicating with WebEx, scheduling messages, tracking responses, creating all possible segments for follow-up, and building reports that show your results and which lists delivered.

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Recorded Webinars

The Secret To Managing Multichannel Marketing

Case Studies

W-Systems Integrates Sugar and Act-On, Gains Leads and Lowers Costs

W-Systems manages marketing and sales technology software deployments, with an emphasis on Sugar. The firm picked Act-On for its commitment to the Sugar integration.

I saw Act-On continuing to enhance its Sugar integration and going to SugarCon with new and improved features. That continuity, that ongoing effort to integrate with Sugar, was what I was looking for.”

— Christian Wettre, President, W-Systems

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