Lead Scoring

Identify Your Sales-Ready Leads

Lead scoring is a form of communication in which leads tell YOU when they’re ready to buy. It’s a key win of marketing automation, giving you a way to evaluate where leads are in the funnel and apply nurturing effectively. Learn how to do it well with our best practices.

Best Practices for Setting Up a Lead Scoring System

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Today’s marketing departments can ill afford to waste time chasing after the wrong prospects. Budgets are tight, marketing staffers are overworked, and marketing managers have their hands full running the show. But, by taking the time to set up a lead scoring system, you can assign points to potential prospects, target the attributes most often associated with serious customers, and more easily separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Best Practices in Segmentation

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You can improve your marketing by targeting your campaigns to segments, rather than blasting the same campaign out to all prospects. Learn how.

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Introduction to Integrated Marketing: Lead Scoring

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Lead scoring helps you prioritize leads and capture long-term sales opportunities. Learn the 7 steps to set up a cost-effective lead scoring strategy.

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Lead Nurturing 5 & 10

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Most of the leads you generate aren’t ready for sales.  Learn how to use lead nurturing to keep prospects interested and moving through the funnel.

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Lead Scoring and Segmentation

Explore the world of lead scoring and behavioral segmentation with our Best Practices video and downloadable resources.

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